Sunday, October 30, 2011

A "Super" Pittsburgh Halloween

Here it is.....the end result of 5 days of straight up sewing and nothing else. My house could definitely attest to it! The boys had a great time at the Trunk or Treat. We will head out tomorrow for one last hoorah but it has been fun.

As for Hawaii....I know we were supposed to post something. I totally forgot. But we did do some research. I think for us we mostly want to go to the beach. We would love to do a few significant things, but don't want to be too scheduled since my kids are going to have a 6 hour time difference:) There are a few beaches that are better for kids (not so many waves etc.) which would be fun to check out. We also looked into the submarine. We think it would be fun although the babies cannot go on it. We also want to go to a Luau- the best one is at the Hyatt- it is the best for kids- it looks like it will be about $93 per adult. Kids 5 and under are free and if you have two adults paying you can get one child in free so that would mean it would only be adults paying. Also, we would like to have french dip sandwiches with soup and or salad.

We can't wait! Love you all.

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